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September 20, 2021  |  by Melissa Ferstl

AUTOSOL to Speak at Artificial Lift Summit 2021

Artificial Lift Summit 2021 will explore innovative solutions and the latest technologies that support artificial lift.

During this online event, connect with more than 350 industry leaders on October 21-22 to discuss strategies and solutions that maximize production and operations.

Artificial Lift Summit brings together E&P innovators, service providers, and independent operators to exchange ideas to advance technical knowledge in artificial lift applications for unconventional shale developments. Take this opportunity to join E&P experts and explore the next generation of artificial lift technologies and techniques for use in the optimization of shale production in the current market.

Register now to meet AUTOSOL’s Lee Cysouw during the Artificial Lift Summit. He will discuss IIoT and traditional SCADA vs. modern SCADA. Lee will explain the difference between demand response and report by exception and traditional SCADA vs. IIoT, and cover the benefits of this new way of getting data.

Lee will also show the details of a case study and field deployment AUTOSOL has with MQTT where the bandwidth consumption was reduced by 99.26%. It was able to get the client 60x the data for their plunger lifts, cut optimization time from 14 days to only one day, and increased production by 3-11%.

Click here to learn more about the event.