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AUTOSOL | Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) version 268 released


AUTOSOL releases new developments in ACM 268

HOUSTON, Texas — AUTOSOL is excited to announce its latest developments in Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) in build 268, the next-generation SCADA communication system. The upgrades are found in virtually every aspect of ACM server components, as well as the ACM Configuration Client.

The most notable updates include:

  • Significantly reduced wait times for users who are using the ACM Configuration Client to search for their information that is stored in the ACM database. Users who have a large amount of information stored in the ACM database, or have very detailed data that is stored, will experience faster response times.
  • New tools to analyze and diagnose your ACM configuration for potential problems — resulting in improved stability.
  • The addition of our first-ever release of Hex Repeater and its support.
  • Additional support for GESRTP VersaMax Micro devices.
  • Added the call-in scheduler for Mercury devices. These devices initiate contact with the control room engineer to deliver field data in intervals, dependent upon when the scheduler is set.
  • Totalflow collection of history records has been optimized for efficiency, which means faster uploads with less traffic on the communication channels.

Within the updates, each communication port, protocols and publishers have been improved. AUTOSOL recommends upgrading to this latest release to take advantage of these important improvements.

Users with access to the AUTOSOL FTP site can download version 7.1 build 268 from the ACM folder as well as its release notes.

For more information on these releases, contact your salesperson or technical support.