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See Where You Can Meet Up with the AUTOSOL Team

AUTOSOL | Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CsHm) on March 12 & 13, 2019, in Calgary, Alberta

Learn about the latest in hydrocarbon measurement with AUTOSOL at CsHm. Visit booth 305 and look for vice president Suzzette Rainey, along with technical support manager Lee Cysouw and Richard Bourque, a product support specialist, in Exhibition Hall D, located in the Calgary Telus Convention Centre, 120 Ninth Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 0P3.

Richard Bourque will be offering hands-on Measurement Systems training for up to 18 attendees on Tuesday, March 31st from 2:10 to 4:20. He will be showing how to poll measurement data from EFM devices, how to publish it, and how to use ACM’s new Archive Management to view the raw records and look for missing hourly or daily records. He will also go over Advanced Reporting and how it works.

Sign up for the school early to reserve a space! These 18 slots will fill quickly.

The Canadian Institute of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CIHM) operates the Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CsHm) to provide instruction on technical subjects, including proper facility design, installation, operation and maintenance of measurement and regulation equipment. The handling of natural gas is also presented and studied.

2019’s agenda includes these topics:

  • Practical large scale and hands-on demonstrations by vendors
  • Designing for implementation
  • Asset management
  • Cost control
  • Improving operating efficiency
  • Increasing compliance
  • Focusing your workforce on what matters
  • Building and maintaining relationships with colleagues, regulators, vendors and employers

For more information, please contact us or visit https://www.cshm.ca.