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July 8, 2021  |  by Melissa Ferstl

AUTOSOL Announces Release of ACM 8.2, with New Added Security and Protocol Enhancements

This release of ACM 8.2 encompasses several new and exciting updates– too numerous to list here. Below are some highlights of what is included in ACM 8.2. A link to the full list of updates can be found at the bottom of this page. 

New Security Options

ACM 8.2 provides security options to control access to ACM from the desktop configuration program and from the ACM Mobile App. This also includes an option to control whether administrator accounts have access to ACM. 

MicroMP3 Modbus 

ACM 8.2 now supports Dynamic Flow Computers’ MicroMP3 Modbus with EFM– in both the truck ticket mode and the full six meter flow computer mode. This provides the ability to retrieve and publish daily and monthly batch report records. MicroMP3 Modbus also allows for time synchronization. 


Our latest version of ACM adds the ability to use tokens in the form $$Fieldn$$ (where ‘n’ represents the one-based index of a field in a history record) in a path or file name of the CSV publisher. It improves error messages generated by the PGAS XML publisher by providing more detail in the logged message. ACM 8.2 also adds non-configuration and DPTransducerRangeLow events for CFX7/CFX8. Additionally, you can expect it to provide an option to adjust the timestamp of gas quality records published through the PGAS XML output object. 

SCADAPack Protocol 

This protocol adds the ability to upload batch history records and to publish batch fields in audit records. This means that when batch information is included in audit trail records, columns will be added to the CSV output. When batch record user data fields are included in audit trail records or batch records for liquid type runs, columns will be added to the CSV report and Batch Custom Records will be added to the CFX report. And Historical batch records can now be published. 
Click HERE to be linked to the full release notes. 
Sounds great– wondering how to get it? If you have a support agreement, the new ACM 8.2 version can be downloaded by using the monthly login credentials received from your sales representative. For more details, please contact us today!