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June 3, 2022  |  by Melissa Ferstl

AUTOSOL Aids KODA Resources with a Digital Transformation for 1,000 Oil and Natural Gas Wells

AUTOSOL was recently highlighted in Processing Magazine for aiding KODA Resources with a digital transformation for 1,000 oil and natural gas wells.

KODA Resources—a Denver-based company that focuses on the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties in the Rocky Mountains—had an old poll/response SCADA system with a legacy version of GE IGS, which buffered data between the polling system, field PLCs, and the HMI. This approach was slow and required various approaches for multiple devices in the field. KODA also wanted to develop an MQTT-driven system but did not have the budget to replace or add on to 850 field devices.

How AUTOSOL Helped

AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) replaced KODA Resources’ legacy poll/response system as a starting point to cover all legacy RTUs that required EFM and plunger records to be captured.

ACM is a full-featured platform and singular solution for industrial data communications that handles diverse devices, protocols and data access requirements. It delivers real-time and historical data via a single or multiple telemetry circuits in standardized OPC format to any HMI, databases, or data validation and accounting systems.

A Closer Look at Our Solutions

AUTOSOLs historical, real-time and edge data collection solutions apply multi-protocol communications to unify operational-wide view, and help organizations discover new opportunities for measurable gains.

AUTOSOL Bridge closes the gap between new technologies and legacy systems by converting MQTT Sparkplug B Data into OPC-DA, which allows existing systems to seamlessly process MQTT data. AUTOSOL Bridge subscribes to any MQTT broker and presents all the MQTT aliases from the broker as advisable OPC-DA tags. This enables legacy SCADA systems to deploy newer MQTT technologies and integrate them with OPC-dependent software.

AUTOSOL eACM brings a new polling approach to traditional SCADA systems and provides higher resolution data using less network resources, as it translates real-time native RTU and PLC protocols into MQTT or MQTT Sparkplug B, the leading messaging protocol for IIoT. MQTT uses a report-by-exception approach to publish values to an MQTT broker only when conditions have changed, which frees up more bandwidth for high-fidelity data acquisition.

AUTOSOL Enabled KODA Resources to Find Success

The implementation of AUTOSOL’s ACM polling system was deemed a success by KODA Resources—as the communication percentage has increased from the legacy system and data reliability has improved exponentially.

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