System downtime is unacceptable. You rely on your connections to seamlessly transfer data, even in the event of a catastrophe.

Control system downtime for a company can mean loss of revenue, time, communication and in extreme cases, loss of life. The time between when a system shuts down and re-starts — or switches to an alternative system– is considered downtime. In the automation industry, the competition levels among businesses is cutthroat and when there’s loss of revenue at stake, every second matters.

AUTOSOL works to make sure that downtime is reduced, ideally down to no downtime at all. The Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) includes a diagnostic tool responsible for monitoring your system. Because of its secure connections, only those with the proper permissions can access the actionable diagnostics. With remote and local utilization capabilities, technicians can assess a problem onsite or conveniently from their office. With remote diagnostics, technicians can analyze information and come up with a solution, instead of going between sites to determine an issue and plan for fixes, which saves time. On-the-go technicians are constantly connected to the diagnostic data with the use of mobile devices, which increases productivity given that they can remedy issues more quickly.

ACM also offers remote configuration, where multiple users from various locations can add or remove devices, while still “on-line,” eliminating the need for a restart. The multi-object editing capability allows large quantities of devices to be configured simultaneously, saving time. An audit trail is also provided, tracking configuration changes and who is responsible.

In this event, companies must also ensure its products are fully compatible to communicate with one another. To do this, AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave allows companies to translate over a dozen RTU/PLC protocols into Modbus, allowing compatibility with legacy Modbus servers and HMIs. It also promotes the mapping of multiple protocols in a Protocol Configuration window, offering the ability to specify a targeted server for each protocol and diagnostic option.