We’re an Early Innovator of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


As a leading provider in reliable data exchange, AUTOSOL® was an early innovator of data solutions that communicate via the IIoT. Before this disruptive technology created a new market, AUTOSOL was already developing solutions that connected operations with information technology (IT) to meet the demands of SCADA system users. AUTOSOL’s focus has been, and will continue to be, providing access to data for analysis from industrial environments in the most effective ways possible.

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Although a concern with the Industrial IoT is device interoperability, AUTOSOL has designed software that communicates intelligently with other products, resulting in interconnectivity between devices and data sources. From polling engines, to human machine interface (HMI), to data validation, AUTOSOL products interweave with each other, and also with solutions developed by other companies, providing different people access and control of data.

Leveraging the IIoT, AUTOSOL’s flexible automation and intelligent industrial SCADA products securely connect, manage, monitor and control devices and deliver data in real time. Devices and sensors collect and deliver data to the appropriate person to review or track, in addition to storing the information for later use. Additionally, maintenance and system alarms are linked to the Industrial IoT to expedite response time. For complete control over your data’s security, pair our software with the CryptoMod device, for end point security offering encryption and decryption.

Partnering with AUTOSOL also means your legacy field devices will be able to join the IIoT. AUTOSOL has a long history and is committed to providing development in support of legacy devices. This allows you to extend the use life of your system which can add years – if not decades – to your gaining infrastructure.

Ultimately, the IIoT’s objective is designed to increase productivity. By ensuring interconnectivity among devices and software, efficiency, service, optimization and sustainability are increased, leading to a more effective SCADA system. AUTOSOL believes everyone should have data in motion, and the IIoT helps ensure that happens through non-stop communication, device interconnectivity and security.



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