Our Reputation.

The SCADA experts at AUTOSOL® are dedicated to building relationships with our clients. Our staff is made up primarily of software developers, programmers and engineers with a combined 130 years of experience in industrial automation system design, development and implementation. Being our core competency, we have extensive knowledge of the entire SCADA system – from the devices that our products communicate with and our relationships with the device manufacturers, to the HMIs used to view the entire system. After working closely with some of the largest companies in the oil and gas SCADA field, our programmers and support staff have acquired the experience necessary for developing innovative solutions.

Our staff is made up primarily of software developers, programmers and engineers with a combined 130 years of experience in SCADA system design, development and implementation.

AUTOSOL is committed to providing reliable, flexible solutions to your automation and data delivery needs. We are there to meet the demands of the industrial data delivery market and strive to lead the way with advances in new technologies as well as supporting legacy systems for years to come. Here at AUTOSOL, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your data in motion.

Our Company Profile

Automation Solutions Inc. (AUTOSOL) was founded by Douglas C. Osburn, III in 1987 to provide system integration services to industrial companies. Before the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was as prevalent as it is today, AUTOSOL focused on ways to integrate office and industrial automation hardware and software to monitor and control the operation of various industrial facilities and equipment, principally in the oil and gas production, transmission and distribution business. Initially, AUTOSOL worked to remedy communication incompatibilities between devices from different manufacturers having different automation missions. Additionally, AUTOSOL sought to deal with the intermittent coverage, reliability and compatibility of the various long-distance communication media.

As a result of these efforts, AUTOSOL developed hardware and software products to solve the integration challenges associated with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) communication. These multi-protocol and mission challenges were ultimately addressed with the development of AUTOSOL Universal Communication Server (AUCS), a first generation communication software released in 1994. AUCS combined several protocol drivers into a single host server able to communicate to a large number of client applications and is still actively used by some of our earliest clients.

As AUCS became more robust in features and supported protocols, an update to the software became necessary to expand its communication framework, resulting in AUTOSOL Enterprise Server (AES). Since then, AES has undergone six major update releases and continuous development.

Driven by the desire to create breakthroughs in industrial automation business efficiencies, AUTOSOL released its advanced, next generation product, AUTOSOL Communication Manager (ACM) in 2013, combining industry standard features with unique attributes to lead the way in industrial automation innovation.

In 2014, AUTOSOL introduced the CryptoMod®, a patented communication and appliance cybersecurity solution for mission-critical infrastructure. This software secures geographically remote field devices used for control, surveillance, data acquisition and metering allowing for end-to-end security and encryption.

ACM and CryptoMod are built on the shoulders of our continuous innovation. AUTOSOL’s core capabilities have become an integral part of North America’s critical infrastructure, providing the communication layer for more than 1,200 systems that communicate with over 325,000 devices performing various automation missions.

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