Modbus Slave

Modernize Your Polling Engine without a Major HMI Upgrade

AUTOSOL’s Modbus Slave can provide a Modbus interface to any OPC server software, extending the life of in-place assets and helping to future-proof operational growth.

When paired with AUTOSOL Communication Manager® (ACM), Modbus Slave can translate all of ACM’s protocols to Modbus for your legacy HMIs and historians.

Enable efficient communication between modern and legacy systems.

The RTU/PLC interface in AUTOSOL Modbus Slave will respond to Modbus requests sent by a Modbus Master, supporting Standard, Daniels, Enron, AUTOSOL and Extended Modbus protocols.

  • Extend the life of existing assets that use Modbus protocols

  • Add and easily configure multiple OPC servers in line with operational needs

  • Enable efficient data communications over low bandwidth connections

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Modbus Slave Key Features

Modbus Slave register sets can be added and configured from the Register Records window with a variety of options.

Features Include:

  • Ability to add and configure multiple Modbus Slave register sets from the Register Records window with the following options: Auto Fill, Message Format, Error Check, Byte Order, Find Request by Function Code, and Enable Diagnostics
  • Automatic startup using a specified configuration file
  • Project Supervisor to configure Modbus Slave to run independently as a background service
  • Ability to add and configure multiple OPC Servers (including data and diagnostic items for each server)
  • Mapping of multiple protocols in the Protocol Configuration window with the ability to specify a targeted server for each protocol and diagnostic option
  • Ability to add and configure multiple radio, serial and/or modem ports from the Port Configuration window
  • Modification lock mode to prevent modifications from being made to the program when activated from the slave
  • A logger that is used to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic as well as spot errors (log events can be specified on a per-port basis)


  • Serial cable or leased-line, dial-up telephone or cellular phone, and TCP/IP and UDP/IP telemetry media
  • Modbus protocols, including Standard, Daniels, Enron, AUTOSOL Extended Modbus, and custom register definitions
  • OPC-DA (Open Platform Communications Data Access) server interface
  • Server Status Check and Automatic Reconnect SCADA capabilities

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Robust Protocol Support with One Platform

Modbus Slave is an add-on application that was developed to efficiently translate to Modbus all of the OPC protocols supported by AUTOSOL’s polling engines, which include:

ACM – AUTOSOL Communications Manager®

ACM AUTOSOL Communications Manager®

ACM R/T SCADA Real-Time Only Edition

ACM R/T SCADA Real-Time Only Edition

eACM Edge-Based Polling Engine

eACM Edge-Based Polling Engine

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AUTOSOL can partner with your selected integrator or provide integration services independently to support your HMI requirements.


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