OneSCADA’s SCADA Manager’s User Build feature leverages ClearSCADA’s template capability and ACM’s API to quickly create new, fully configured RTUs and group instances in your system, complete with keywords and tag names.

  • Drop-down menus are dynamically created from the information in ClearSCADA and ACM databases
  • Point defs – data access mapping table for I/O within ClearSCADA, allowing users to quickly configure points at the click of a button
  • The ability to create sub-groups
  • Associate keywords with devices
  • Edit an existing device (for example, to add a Run)
  • Save a configuration for how you want subsequent devices to be setup

    Two Run Instance: A Wellhead with two meters (Runs).

SCADA-Manager is an application that is a standalone .NET application, which is used to streamline the method of creating and configuring objects within ClearSCADA and ACM. Giving an advantage of the API within ClearSCADA and ACM SCADA-Manager, can create fully-configured devices at a rate in excess of 2000 per hour. The services built into SCADA-Manager are arranged to simplify many difference actions; ranging from developing new devices, mass configuring properties, to communication trials.

OneSCADA is built with you in mind. It is designed to reduce costs and limit valuable time associated with carrying out and maintaining SCADA systems. Its client-facing SCADA-View and core, SCADA-Manager work in tandem as OneSCADA to create and maintain systems in Autosol Communication Manager® (ACM) and Schneider Electric’s SCADA Expert ClearSCADA. OneSCADA is comprised of multiple systems to assist with USDOT PHMSA compliance and adhere to high performance HMI guidelines.

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