Modbus Slave, in conjunction with an OPC Server like AUTOSOL’s ACM, allows you to translate over a dozen RTU/PLC protocols into Modbus to allow compatibility with legacy Modbus servers and HMIs.

To operate efficiently, your SCADA system and all metering devices need to be able to communicate. High performance communication software needs to be flexible, so both legacy and new equipment can interface to collect and deliver data, and configurable — to ensure a variety of manufacturer devices can respond to each other. You also need communication software to be easily and immediately implemented to mitigate unacceptable downtime.

Modbus Slave register sets can be added and configured from the Register Records window with a variety of options. Users can select Auto Fill to choose between common register sets and populate the current register record with the same values. Modbus Slave also offers Message Format for users to select between binary, RTU or ASCII formats. The Enable Diagnostics register set has the slave responding to a Function 8 when requested.

Modbus Slave Features

Other Modbus Slave features include a project supervisor to configure the product to run independently as a background service and automatic startup using a specified configuration file. Modbus Slave allows the addition and configuration of multiple OPC servers, including data and diagnostic items. The product also promotes the mapping of multiple protocols in the Protocol Configuration window, offering the ability to specify a targeted server for each protocol and diagnostic option. With Port Configuration, additional radio, serial and/or modem ports can be configured.

Modification Lock is a feature that prevents modifications from being made to the program. For OPC programs, Modbus Slave also comes with a logger that can be specified on a per-port basis, used to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic in addition to spotting errors.

Other Options

  • Error Check: Select CRC or LRC for message validation
  • Byte Order: Choose which record is most significant and will be read first
  • Find Request by Function Code: Prompt the slave read for an address, function and byte address

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  • Serial Cable or Leased-Line
  • Dial-Up Telephone or Cellular Phone
  • OPC (OLE™ for Process Control)
  • Microsoft Access Database Configuration
  • Server Status Check and Automatic Reconnect