The Autosol Communication Manager® (ACM) effectively speaks the Daniels Modbus protocol in SCADA and industrial automation environments. ACM supports a variety of native protocols, and the Daniels Modbus protocol is often relied upon to deliver secure real-time flow measurement data to an HMI to help control and maintain pipelines.

Control room operators use ACM, a next generation polling engine to transmit flow data like temperature, rate and pressure from an EFM, RTU or PLC via the Daniels Modbus protocol, and works as a historian to create a set of trend data for analysis.  It is important to accurately transmit and receive this data in real-time. Alerts and other operator events are continually monitored and quickly acted upon, keeping personnel safe.

Flow data can also be imported into accounting software programs like Quorum PGAS and Totalflow. These measurement details help process and bill the custody transfer for oil and gas transactions between buyers and suppliers.

Daniels Modbus Protocol works Effortlessly with ACM

When coupled with ACM, the Daniels Modbus protocol helps control room professionals monitor pipeline assets by collecting and delivering data to SCADA systems reliably and securely. This data is analyzed to alleviate any issues concerning safety, maintenance and production for upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

Maintaining and upgrading SCADA systems for less money

AUTOSOL has spent more than 30 years in the oil and gas communication field, and has developed numerous custom drivers to support native protocols on a variety of field devices. This work allows companies to continue to use older legacy devices while continuing to upgrade and maintain their SCADA systems. Because ACM can speak with a variety of devices, companies are not constrained by having to settle for using just one brand of monitoring equipment. This flexibility expands company’s options who are looking to upgrade their SCADA control systems.

AUTOSOL takes security very seriously, as ACM is FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated using SSL encryption. Connect with us to learn more about how ACM supports the Daniels Modbus protocol and many other Modbus protocols.