Version 7.1

BUILD 111        2013/06/17

  • Fixed bug in Server that prevented polling of objects added to an empty database.
  • All connection types – Fixed bug that didn’t import/export ports’ names correctly and could cause empty names to be displayed.
  • Fixed bug in CFX publisher that didn’t recognize V-Cone as a calculation type.
  • Added logic to Controllogix protocol to allow validation of tags not browsed from the PLC.
  • Fixed bug in Totalflow protocol that wasn’t able to handle extra data in log period records.
  • Totalflow and Kimray protocols – Changed property names of meter objects to match other protocols. Totalflow properties changed from “HistoryMeter1” to “Meter1”. Kimray properties changed from “CTDHistoryMeter1” to “Meter1”. A database script that is part of the update procedure changes these property names in the database.

Database changes

  • Database format change – Version 14.
  • Changed publishing script to order records by timestamp and by database sequence number to accommodate history trend records with no timestamp.
  • Change to meter property names for Totalflow and Kimray protocols. All Totalflow meter properties are changed from “HistoryMeter1”, “HistoryMeter2”, etc. to their new name “Meter1”, “Meter2”, etc. All Kimray meter properties are changed from “CTDHistoryMeter1”, “CTDHistoryMeter2”, etc. to their new name “Meter1”, “Meter2”, etc.
  • Updated CommStats lookup table with correct/new status labels.

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