AUTOSOL’s ACM R/T SCADA supports ABB TotalFlow in its native protocol to rapidly transfer data from remote field devices to a control room in real-time. Engineers and technicians running the control room can use ACM R/T SCADA to deploy a request for data in the field through an ABB TotalFlow protocol. ACM R/T SCADA is an OPC server and transmits data into the control room through its common protocol, Object Link and Embedding for Process Control (OPC). ACM R/T SCADA is a real-time only variant of ACM. Only the full version of ACM retains history.

Used primarily for measurement applications, ABB TotalFlow is able to retrieve archived flow volume records that represent a custody transfer of an oil or gas product from a supplier to the purchaser. The protocol is one of many that ACM R/T SCADA is compatible with to help make SCADA environments more manageable and more organized to ensure organized operation through a Human Machine Interface (HMI). HMI software is typically an OPC client application which can request data from the OPC server — or ACM R/T SCADA.

ACM R/T SCADA works with ABB TotalFlow to give you instantaneous values from the field

SCADA operators are always kept fully informed of the pipeline’s current state as the ABB TotalFlow is capable of retrieving process data from the field. This commanded data from ACM R/T SCADA is an instantaneous value, and includes things like pressure, temperature, flow rates, etc. Control room technicians are constantly kept apprised of all data points provided by the ABB TotalFlow.

In this chain of communication, ACM R/T SCADA serves as the master, demanding a response from the protocol, to deliver field data back through the ACM R/T SCADA. As a master, ACM R/T SCADA will always request communication from ABB TotalFlow. It is data such as this that ensures operations can run smoothly, accurately and efficiently in the most crucial industrial executions.

ACM R/T SCADA extends companies’ SCADA systems abilities

For more than 30 years, AUTOSOL (Automation Solutions, Inc.) has been building custom drivers to ensure the efficient and reliable transfer of commands, programs, data and information between control systems and endpoint SCADA devices like PLCs, RTUs, EFMs and AMRs. ACM R/T SCADA speaks to devices in their native protocols to enable communication between incompatible devices, making it easy to add PLCs, including ABB TotalFlow, to a SCADA system and ensuring information is consistently being communicated.

Because ACM R/T SCADA isn’t dedicated to one specific protocol, companies’ various devices are able to interact. Companies will reap the benefits the ABB TotalFlow offers while saving costs associated with having to update an entire SCADA system to devices that speak the ABB TotalFlow protocol.

Combining the flexibility of AUTOSOL’s ACM R/T SCADA and custom drivers means companies are not obligated to construct and update a SCADA system with one brand and its protocols. As a leader in the industry, AUTOSOL takes real-time communication between devices seriously. With our leading software, we can transmit and receive data from a large range of SCADA devices.