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AUTOSOL | Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) Version 273 Released

Additional Support Options Made Available in ACM Version 273

AUTOSOL is announcing the latest update to the SCADA software Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) making it easier to configure your system for optimum polling and publishing operations. The upgrades are found in virtually every aspect of ACM server components, as well as the ACM Configuration Client.

While many updates have been made, the most notable include:

  • Added support for MODBUS OMNI to collect and produce Flow-Cal prove reports.
  • New device protocol option to demand poll upon verify write.
  • Added option to include ControlLogix tags flagged as Reserved during tag discovery in OPC browse listing.
  • Added a new audit for commands.
  • Added a new OPC tag that displays whether the system is running on Server A or Server B.
  • Add support for Honeywell-Mercury meter types other than turbine.
  • Added support for Honeywell-Mercury GC Write.
  • Added the capability to parse a bit pattern from a MODBUS multi-register 32 bit integer.
  • Added an option to merge MODBUS OMNI string register values into one EFM field.
  • Added the ability to map the same ROC history point or TLP to different EFM fields.
  • Added the service account for each ACM Service listed in ACM Server Monitor.
  • Corrected an issue where tokens were case sensitive when they should not be.
  • Upgraded ABB TCI Toolkit to version 3.11.

AUTOSOL recommends upgrading to this latest release to take advantage of these important improvements. Users with access to the AUTOSOL FTP site can download version 7.1 build 273 from the ACM folder as well as its release notes.

For more information on this or past releases, please contact technical support or your salesperson and learn how we keep Data in motion.

AUTOSOL | Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CsHm) on March 20 & 21, 2018, in Calgary, Alberta

Learn about the latest in hydrocarbon measurement with AUTOSOL at CsHm. Look for us in booth 102, in Exhibition Hall D, located in the TELUS Convention Centre, North Building 136 8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta.

You can expect to learn about technical subjects such as proper facility design, installation, operation and maintenance of measurement and regulation equipment, and natural gas handling.

On Tuesday, March 20 at 3:30 pm, AUTOSOL’s very own business development manager David Blanco will be presenting an intermediate-level session regarding Control Room Security. The session is called “Technically Safe: How Technical Controls Create Safety for Industrial Control Systems.”

Also presenting on Wednesday, March 21 at 11 am is Lee Cysouw, Technical Support Manager.  He’ll be giving an intermediate-level presentation on SCADA. The session is called “Tips on Polling for SCADA and Measurement Compliance.”

The Canadian Institute of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CIHM) operates the Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CsHm) to benefit petroleum and natural gas operating and manufacturing companies.

For more information, please contact us by calling or filling out a contact form, or visit

AUTOSOL | The Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association (AWWOA) 43rd Annual Operators Seminar, March 12 – 16, 2018 in Banff, Canada

Meet up with AUTOSOL at the AWWOA’s 43rd Annual Operator’s Seminar, which provides technical sessions on water and wastewater industry issues and trends.

AUTOSOL can be found at the trade show from Monday, March 12 until Thursday, March 15.

The Operator Seminar is at Banff Park Lodge, 222 Lynx Street, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1K5.

CEU credits are available for attending the presentations. For more information, please visit

AUTOSOL | CCAMS Hydrocarbon Measurement School Feb 20-21, 2018 in Corpus Christi, Texas         

Come see AUTOSOL at the Corpus Christi Area Measurement Society’s Hydrocarbon Measurement School.

This year’s school consists of more than 60 lecture and hands-on classes with over 70 hours of instruction dealing specifically with natural gas, refined products, crude oil measurement and product quality testing. Class topics include subjects such as fundamental measurement and quality principles, with some touching on how these topics relate specifically in the Eagle Ford Shale region.

AUTOSOL will be exhibiting on Tuesday Feb. 20 through Wednesday Feb. 21 in booth 73.

You can attend classes and the exhibits at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel, 900 North Shoreline Boulevard, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401. For additional details visit

AUTOSOL | ABB Upstream Measurement & Automation Conference Feb 13-15, 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Connect with AUTOSOL at the ABB Upstream Measurement & Automation Conference (MAC). The event features more than 20 sessions taught by ABB’s measurement and automation experts. These sessions focus on several key areas:

  • measurement
  • automation
  • analyzers
  • liquids
  • and more!

The training and conference is held at Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center, 6808 S 107th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133.

For more details, visit

Do you know how your signals are routed?

An AUTOSOL client called to discuss error issues in the diagnostic logger they saw in Autosol Communication Manager® (ACM). They also felt the communication polls from their server were unusually slow.

AUTOSOL support staff went to work investigating the issue. Thanks to an IP traceroute process, our product specialist was able to quickly discover an anomaly. Turns out, AUTOSOL saw that the signal was being routed from the pipeline field in North America, then mistakenly routed 5,000 miles to the European country of Hungary, and then relayed all the way back to the client’s SCADA control room in North America.

The client was not fully aware of how their signals were being routed. Since their pipeline communications service provider was using a cellular modem, their sensitive data was being transmitted across the internet without their awareness. The client thought their crucial data was safe but it was actually being exposed on the internet.

The problem with pipeline communication management:

Different sections of a pipe utilize a variety of service companies for communication. When a pipe starts on one side of the country and ends on another, various service providers will be contracted along its length to manage all the communications for the pipe. For some areas of pipe, the communications equipment may be using an internet service provider. For others, it could be a cellular company. The pipeline owner cannot control what the actions of these service company employees. Nor are they always aware of what mistakes might have been made with their communications setup.

With more than 30 years in business, AUTOSOL has seen the security of SCADA systems become more and more imperative. When SCADA systems were first developed, internet hacking was not the issue it has become today. The software engineers at AUTOSOL have developed a solution for this problem that encodes data from the field devices, all the way through transmission to the HMI network at headquarters.

The CryptoMod® is an endpoint encryption device that fits easily into a pipeline enclosure. By encrypting at the start of transmission, a wayward signal like the one described above, would still be encrypted along the entire path. Data, surveillance information, control features and utility metering records can be exchanged securely. The CryptoMod keeps sensitive data safe, and hackers frustrated.

CryptoMod is FIPS 140-2 Security Level 2 compliant, so you can count on your valuable information staying safe.

To improve remote data communication’s cybersecurity for your SCADA system, reach out to the encryption experts at AUTOSOL today.

AUTOSOL | Cysouw leads ISA Calgary cyber security presentation

AUTOSOL’s Lee Cysouw will take the reigns as presenter, leading a discussion at ISA Calgary on how to create a cyber security policy that balances operational simplicity, yet can be securely effective.

He is set to give his ISA Calgary presentation at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 at the Winston Golf Club at 2502 6 street NE in Calgary. A Q&A session will be held immediately following the presentation.

Cysouw will present the principles in which a successful policy can be built around. This school of thought requires an understanding that it is a matter of when threats against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) will happen, not if they will happen. He will show attendees real-life examples of ICS security breaches and examples of the failures of contemporary security to showcase the realness of these threats in today’s society.

He will also ensure attendees gain a better understanding of how the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have their differences in the execution of their cyber security policies. Cysouw will leave his ISA Calgary attendees with an understanding of how accredited standards pave the way for well-executed cybersecurity plans.

Cysouw is a Technical Support Manager who works with energy companies to retrieve data out of field devices efficiently and securely. Lee manages the Technical Support staff at AUTOSOL, where he builds training materials, helps to optimize communications networks and helps customers with their data challenges.

Cysouw holds a Journeyman Instrumentation Technician Certification from the North American Institute of Technology in Edmonton. Lee has experience working in the field on new well site and plant construction, field maintenance and plant turnarounds. He now specializes in SCADA systems, communications and data transfer.

ISA Calgary, from the International Society of Automation, “show boasts a reinvented experience – new features, technology, education programs, networking events and much more,” according to the ISA Calgary site.

AUTOSOL | Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) version 268 released


AUTOSOL releases new developments in ACM 268

HOUSTON, Texas — AUTOSOL is excited to announce its latest developments in Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) in build 268, the next-generation SCADA communication system. The upgrades are found in virtually every aspect of ACM server components, as well as the ACM Configuration Client.

The most notable updates include:

  • Significantly reduced wait times for users who are using the ACM Configuration Client to search for their information that is stored in the ACM database. Users who have a large amount of information stored in the ACM database, or have very detailed data that is stored, will experience faster response times.
  • New tools to analyze and diagnose your ACM configuration for potential problems — resulting in improved stability.
  • The addition of our first-ever release of Hex Repeater and its support.
  • Additional support for GESRTP VersaMax Micro devices.
  • Added the call-in scheduler for Mercury devices. These devices initiate contact with the control room engineer to deliver field data in intervals, dependent upon when the scheduler is set.
  • Totalflow collection of history records has been optimized for efficiency, which means faster uploads with less traffic on the communication channels.

Within the updates, each communication port, protocols and publishers have been improved. AUTOSOL recommends upgrading to this latest release to take advantage of these important improvements.

Users with access to the AUTOSOL FTP site can download version 7.1 build 268 from the ACM folder as well as its release notes.

For more information on these releases, contact your salesperson or technical support.

AUTOSOL | American Petroleum Institute (API) 12 Annual Cybersecurity Conference Nov. 7 – 8, 2017

Come find AUTOSOL at the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 12th Annual Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry, November 7, 2017 – November 8, 2017 at the Marriott Woodlands Waterway, The Woodlands, Texas.

API produces the event yearly to provide an opportunity to network with cybersecurity professionals, to discuss industry-specific security problems while sharing innovative ideas from recognized SCADA cybersecurity experts in the industry. Come learn about the latest in technological breakthroughs while our resident SCADA Security Director David Blanco discusses AUTOSOL’s CryptoMod.

API’s 12th annual cybersecurity conference will be held at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, 1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77380. For more details visit:

AUTOSOL Pairs Well With Iron Sommelier Event Benefitting The Periwinkle Foundation

AUTOSOL is proud to announce it is the presenting sponsor of the 10th Annual Iron Sommelier, benefitting The Periwinkle Foundation on Nov. 9, 2017. The event will be held from 6-10 p.m. at The Houstonian Hotel, where some of the city’s most prestigious sommeliers will compete for the title of the Iron Sommelier. Guests taste, compare and pick their favorite wines and presentations from local sommeliers.

The event, slated to serve 600 attendees, will ultimately benefit the kids at Texas Children’s Hospital as they take on their battle with cancer and other life threatening challenges. Periwinkle programs serve more than 14,000 children, teens and families annually by providing multiple camps to offer a break from their hospital routine, as well as meeting other children in their same situation – and just to feel like a kid again.

Doug and Julie Osburn, co-founders of AUTOSOL, feel that the The Periwinkle Foundation is a wonderful organization to sponsor year after year. The staff’s dedication to help improve children’s lives is incredible and AUTOSOL is proud to help sustain the camps for children suffering from cancer.

Participating sommeliers for this year’s event include:


Andres Blanco

Caracol Restaurant

Wines of Mexico


Lindsay Huntsman


Gamay-king Me Crazy: Expressions of an Underrated Grape


Evan Turner

Helen Greek Food and Wine, Helen in the Heights

Ultimate Terroir: The Wines of Santorini (Greece)


Chris Fleischman

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City

Santa Barbara


Shepard Ross

MadCat Hospitality

Back to the Future… Time Travel and the Natural Wine Movement


Brandon Kerne

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

How to Fight a Windmill with a Corkscrew:  A Quixotic Spanish Wine Adventure


Matthew Pridgen

One Fifth, Underbelly

Texas, Naturally…


Samantha Porter

Pioneer Wine and Spirits

Who Runs the World? Women Winemakers Spanning the Globe


Jane-Paige B. D’Huyvetter

River Oaks Country Club

Wines from Savoy Vineyard in the Anderson Valley (California)


Farrah Cauley

Sonoma Wine Bar – Upper Kirby, Sonoma in the Heights

The World of Pinot Noir on the Sonoma Coast


Matt Crawford

State of Grace

British Bubbles… The Next Big Thing!


Adele Corrigan

13 celsius Wine Bar

Dry Aging, Not Just for Steaks: Various Expressions of Amarone della Valpolicella (Italy)


Thomas Moësse

Vinology Bottle Shop & Tasting Bar, divino Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Canary Islands


For more than 30 years, AUTOSOL has been developing industrial security software, ensuring companies are able to effectively and safely communicate their most valuable data from remote locations. AUTOSOL introduced the CryptoMod®, a patented communication and appliance security solution for mission-critical infrastructure. It secures geographically remote field devices used for control, surveillance, data acquisition and metering allowing for end-to-end security and encryption.